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We’ve been proudly serving Downers Grove, IL Homeowners and Businesses with
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Since 2005

Why Donegal Loves Downers Grove

- The homeowners and businesses in Downers Grove know just how special the town of Downers Grove, Illinois is. Founded in 1832, the Village of Downers Grove is one of the most sought-after places to live in DuPage County for: young professionals, families and the elderly.

- Boasting great school districts such as School District 58 and School District 99, and award-winning High Schools: Downers Grove South and Downers Grove North, make it an ideal place to raise a family. The prosperous downtown Downers Grove is home to over 50 small businesses and are a staple of the town supported by the schools and locals.

- One of the many assets of living in the Downers Grove are the plentiful amount of parks such as: Doerhoefer Park, McCollum Park and Hummer Park. With Forest Preserves such as: Fox Hollow County Forest Preserve and Lyman Woods Forest Preserve, the area offers great opportunities for recreation, fishing and family gatherings at parks.

Surrounding Suburbs
- Downers Grove borders beautiful Chicagoland Suburbs such as: Oak Brook, Westmont, and La Grange to name a few.

Since 2005

Need Home Or Business Demolition In Downers Grove?

Step #1 Fair Evaluation
- We believe in providing you an honest estimate that is beneficial to both parties.

Step #2 Timeline Focused
- We will provide a step-by-step timeline of when we will begin and do our best to complete your project with minimal disruption.

Step #3 Tackling Your Project
-  We will then tackle your project with our trained team using only the highest quality of Demolition equipment.

Since 2005

Why Invest In A Downers Grove Demolition?

Current Home?
- Are you in an existing home that you’ve outgrown? We understand and are here to get your Dream Home started.

Buying A Home?
- Are you buying a home that you want to knock down. We’ve completed numerous Home Demolition projects throughout your Downers Grove neighborhood.

What type of Homes do we Demolish in Downers Grove?
- Single Family Homes, Ranches, 2 Story, Cape Cod’s and everything else.

Why go with Donegal Services for a Downers Grove business Demolition?
- We have executed various projects in your area such as: Gas Station demolitions, Storefront demolitions, and Industrial Business demolitions. We apply our 15 years of experience to safely and efficiently remove the business.

Since 2005

Are You A Homeowner In Downers Grove, IL

Here are things to know about Downers Grove Excavation. If you’ve used our Downers Grove Demolition services to knock down a Home, we then call in our Excavation division to get your property ready. Excavation is an essential part in the Donegal Services process as we help create your Homes foundation. We execute: Deep Digs, Tight Side Yards, Sheet Pile Shoring, Clearing, Grading, and Erosion Control for your Home.

Did you know the importance of Donegal Services grading?
- Our team helps get the job site ready for the landscaper. We leave the site with 2” of proposed grade for sod. We haul in black dirt to allow for flower beds and gardens to flourish in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Why use Donegal Services for Downers Grove Excavation?
- We’ve been executing Home Excavations for 15 years and complete projects in a professional manner that will help get your project ready for the next steps.

Since 2005

What Can I Throw Out In My Donegal Dumpster?

If you’re using it for your Home or Business, you can use your Dumpster to throw out: wood, trash, furniture, roofing shingles, siding, construction & demolition debris (C&D debris), yard waste, appliances (some exceptions), and flooring.

Why Use Donegal Services For Your Downers Grove Dumpster Needs?
- Donegal Services has Dumpster sizes for every unique project. If you plan on remodeling your: Basement, Kitchen or Whole House - we’re here for you. If you plan on using the Dumpster for a good clean-out of your current living situation, know that we offer competitively priced and efficient Dumpsters to Downers Grove, Illinois homeowners.

Why Use Donegal Services For Your Business Needs?
We’ve lent a helping hand to numerous Homeowners and Businesses in the Downers Grove area to help them with whatever project they may need. We offer 10, 15, 20, and 30 cubic yard roll-off dumps to suit your needs! Call our Dumpster team (630) 321-8200, Email or fill out a contact form and our Donegal team will be in touch with you.

Since 2005

Downers Grove Sewer & Water Help

+ Run new laterals from the main to the house (individual service lines)

+ Repair current laterals running from the main to the house

+ Line sewers

+ Run new main lines

+ Repair current mains

+ Televise lines

+ Install many different stormwater management practices (drywells & specific designed storm chambers)

+ Run utility sleeves (Gas, Electric & Telecommunications)

+ Main disconnects

+ Pre demo disconnects

Do you have questions regarding a Downers Grove Water & Sewer project? In 15 years of dedicated service to the Downers Grove area we are here to tackle any of your questions. Call our trained and friendly team today (630) 321-8200, Email or fill out a contact form and our team will be in touch with you.

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